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Belle Apelanio, Sales Manager, Broadwater Marine:
The show doesn’t not only give us the opportunity to sell but introduce our new products. Happy to see old & new clients coming to our booth excited asking what’s new product on display. Our sales had increased compared to the last 8 years and we are expecting more and more especially on the 10 th year. We always appreciate your cooperation, patience and attending all our request. See you again next year! Thank you!

Apple Ocampo, Business Dev Manager, Zero Impact Adventure Inc:
Closed a sales on the third day, on our first Sea-Ex. Pretty good! We got great leads too! (Other sales from the event are still pending.) We’ll be interested in the next show! Organizers are knowledgeable about their industry. Great expo!

Noli Manas, Owner, Team Nonino:
Just want to thank you and ANGELO for another successful event! Clients seem to be wanting bigger boats so we might need bigger venue haha!! we did very well with our boat INTRUDER.Hope everyone did well as well. See you soon and happy boating!!! Many thanks!

Martin Fernando, Ayala Land:
We’re excited for next year’s show because of all the cleants / leads we are getting.

John Castillo, Smart Communications Inc.,:
The show compliments the products we are offering. The organizers are friendly. Will be joining again next year.

Nikki Lombardo, Owner, Georgina Clothing:
Joining again next year because of good exposure and we have many inquiries.

Nelson Peñaredondo, San Marine Inc:
Interested in joining again next year to showcase our company’s new products and updates to our valued clients and customers.


Eric Noyel, CEO Asia Marine Yacht Services:
As a first time exhibitor, I was sincerely impressed by the traffic and the quality of visitors. Having recently attended the Pimex phuket, the Istanbul boat show and the Thailand yacht show as exhibitor, I have made more contacts at your show than the other 3 combined. Not to mention it is always so much nicer to deal with smiling and cheerful Filipino prospects.

Noli Manas, Owner, Team Nonino:
We at TEAMNONINO had fantastic results and judging by our sales order will busy for the next few months. This year due to media exposure we actually have a very serious inquiry from a company in French Polynesia who wants to have rights to sell our product. It just goes to show that companies abroad with the help of SEA EX are really noticing the growth of the Philippine boating industry.

Laura Esteban, The Lighthouse Marina Resort:
It was a great opportunity for us to promote our upcoming sailing events as well as meet exhibitors with the same interest in sailing. It was an experience worthwhile. ‘Til next year!

Thomas Cachera, Europa Yachts Philippines Inc.:
As the exclusive distributor of the world's leaders in the yachting industry, Europa Yachts is committed to attend the Philippine boat show SEA-EX every year. Since 2012, we have observed a constant improvement in terms of quality of the visitors at the show but the 2016 edition was a clear step-up in terms of lead generation and number of motivated yacht buyers. SEA-EX is a great opportunity to evaluate our challenging market and we are confident that some of the leads generated at the show will become satisfied clients of Europa Yachts.