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Attendance was at an all time high at 3,958 attendees, with most exhibitors noting down record sales as early as the first day. The show also hosted a Forum: Harnessing the Philippines’ Coastal and Marine Sector for Growth. To know more about the 2016 show, click below to download a copy of the Post Event Report.

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Sea-Expo is a three-day boat show and nautical lifestyle event that truly celebrates the Philippine’s most valuable resource, the ocean. It provides a venue for the local and international marine industry to come together and showcase their products and services to the Philippine market. The show has evolved to encompass the nautical industry from boats, water sports equipment, resorts, automobiles, summer apparel and all other supporting services, creating a complete lifestyle experience.

As the industry gains momentum, the Sea-Ex team aims to continue its on-going efforts to place the Philippine Boat Show at the center of the international boating scene as the event to watch out for in the region.

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