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Captain’s Blog

Email received from Michael Storer after the 2014 Sea-Ex: “Dear Bianca My name is Michael Storer, I was the boat designer on the PHBYC display helping the group of family and friends to build one of my quick canoe designs. Several things stuck out. One was the never ending efforts of Pam and the other staff with the way they kept gently pushing visitors to come and see different parts of the show including the PHBYC. It was really wonderful. After each announcement we would usually get one or two if not five or more people wandering over for a look. It was really nice and excellent non stop promotion of the different exhibitors. Pam also came continuously down to our booth to check what was happening, introduce visitors to the PHBYC group and concept. I saw here doing the same for most of the other exhibitors whenever I had a little break. Pam was not the only one, the others were friendly, helpful and busy also providing an excellent atmosphere for the public to enjoy the show. The other one I would like to thank is Mark Garcia who wrote the article for “Navigator” about my background, my boat designs and the new sailmaking business my pinoy friends and I have started in Malvar. I’ve been doing the design side professionally for a bit over 23 years now and I generally try to make my designs speak for themselves and keeping my own details in the background. But I was very pleased with the style and balance of the article. He did an excellent job of the phone interview … keeping my rambling mostly on track and he really did capture the best parts of it. It certainly is the most definitive and comprehensive view of my personal development through boats. And is likely to be the most definitive one for some time because of my shyness of that area!!! In my past experience as an employee in wooden boat building, selling of kits and materials in Australia we always promoted by having a stand at the Adelaide commercial boat show. We started off being a little bit on the fringe of the larger boats and more intensely commercial activity in the first years, but gradually we became one of the centrepieces. We could attract people to the show at times when the rest of the exhibits would be a bit slow because our crowd was quite different in some ways. And those people liked to hang around and look at the rest of the show. We could make the show look more busy and interesting with demonstrations that would keep people coming back on following days (this happened at SeaEx with the boat building – several came back the following days to see what had happened – we even co-opted some of them into the building … … and also the other vendors started to realise that wooden boats, though a bit “fringy” were able to introduce people to recreational boating for very little of their money, but at least it got them started, involved and often committed to boating … and they would always need some of the smaller items, like lifejackets, outboards and boat parts, resin, even GPSes and other electronics. Some did go on to become owners of larger boats as displayed by the other exhibitors or take their wooden boats to some of the resorts or any other number of commercial byproducts of building simple cheap wooden boats. So part of the good feeling about the show is the nice fit of wooden boats into the rest of the structure and the events that make up the show. So again thanks Bianca po for a successful show and congratulations to you and the team for pulling it off! Best wishes”